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Terrarium Kit : Autumn Orchard


Learn to craft your own terrarium with our unique Terrarium Kits! Each kit features a glass orb terrarium vessel, a set of chopstick "terrarium tools," succulent soil, pebbles and/or sand, brilliantly colored preserved reindeer moss, and complete instructions. The Autumn Orchard Kit is warm and natural, with slate gray pebbles, polished river rocks, and a mixture of red and rust colored preserved reindeer mosses.

The kit comes with a 5.5" delicate glass orb, which can be sat on a shelf or hung in the window from the glass loop on top. The orb has a round opening on the front for fresh air.

Additional colors of pebbles and mosses are also available in our store if you want to add some additional supplies to your kit. We do not offer substitutions - the kit comes with the items listed above.

PLANTS ARE NOT INCLUDED due to shipping constraints. Pick out your own succulents from your local nursery (we recommend three succulents in 2" pots for this project), or use air plants instead of succulents and forego the soil.

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